Using Cool-Downs to Drive Instruction (OUR Math 6-8)

Focus Area: Open Up Resources Math K-8

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Targeted Support

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In problem-based mathematics, students build their understanding of a concept over the course of several lessons, so it is essential that teacher leverage formative assessments to see what is and isn’t making sense to students. Each lesson includes a “cool-down” and guidance on whether or not teachers should “press pause” if cool-downs from a given lesson reveal that students have not yet mastered a concept or skill. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, teachers will explore efficient and effective systems for collecting, interpreting, and reacting to cool-down data within the context of the learning progression of a unit.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with access to Zoom, a camera, a microphone, and stable Internet connectivity


I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.

Learning Experience

  • Define the types of support that a teacher could provide based on cool-down data
  • Explore the cool-down guidance for a series of lessons and apply the suggestions to interpret a sample set of student data
  • Build a plan for collecting, interpreting, and reacting to cool-down data