Using Blended Models to Create a Balanced Learning Environment

Focus Area: Blended Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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Leveraging blended learning models, such as station rotation, flipped learning, and individual pathways, provides actionable, sustainable methods for integrating technology to organize learning, engage students, and improve outcomes. Organizational systems are essential for success, by helping students access resources and collaborate in consistent and replicable ways. In this virtual workshop, participants will explore actionable and sustainable methods for organizing learning and engaging students through blended learning models.


This workshop is intended to support teachers in implementing blended learning models to balance instruction and set up effective learning spaces in their in-person classrooms. Leaders and coaches could also benefit from this session to gain ideas on how to best support their teachers in implementation.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and Internet access


I implement blended learning models within my classroom to organize and personalize learning.

Learning Experience

  • Define blended learning and the benefits of balancing tech-based instruction
  • Explore blended learning models and how these can be used to improve student outcomes
  • Build and get peer feedback on a plan for balancing tech-based instruction in their classroom