Tracking Student Data to Promote Growth

Focus Area: Formative Assessment and Differentiation


Phase: Targeted Support

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Students can learn how to take ownership of their learning and progress through opportunities to use and understand their learning data. Tracking progress using simple, sustainable systems can give students an insight into their growth and help them set personal goals, and tech tools can make this process even more sustainable. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will build skills to have students track their own progress by helping them understand and take ownership of their learning data.

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This workshop is designed for teachers and coaches who want to support students in understanding their academic data to track their own progress and growth. This session would be a good fit for any educator, whether they are just beginning to transition to more formative assessment in their classroom, or they are more experienced and want to build ideas around transferring more ownership to their students.


I examine assessment data for learner progress.

Learning Experience

  • Define how to build student ownership of tracking progress with data
  • Explore key strategies and tech tools for gathering learning data
  • Build a plan for students to use their own learning data in an upcoming lesson