Tracing the Learning Progression of a Unit

Focus Area: OUR 6-8 / IM 6-12 Math


Pathway: Understanding

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This virtual workshop series offers both consistency and flexibility by providing structure for a collaborative planning experience that teachers can recreate on an ongoing basis to support their day-to-day work with bringing the OUR 6-8 Math/IM 6-12 curriculum to life with their students.

Educators have the opportunity to work as a learning cohort throughout a customized sequence chosen from the following sessions:  


These workshops are for educators currently working with the OUR 6-8 Math curriculum, and are especially useful for those who are in their first year of implementing the curriculum materials. 


  • Each session is 2 hours, and a series can consist of anywhere from 1 – 5 sessions


I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.

Learning Experience

Session A: Tracing the Learning Progression of a Unit

OUR/IM units are designed to help students develop layers of understanding over time. To bring this to life, teachers need to understand the learning progression of a unit and how the lessons are sequenced to help students build conceptual understanding and procedural fluency over the course of a unit. In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will choose an upcoming unit to plan. They will work with a collaborative group to: 

  • Defining the learning goals of the unit
  • Explore the learning progression of the unit
  • Build a strategic plan for teaching the unit they explored