Teaching Students in Concurrent and Hybrid Modalities

Focus Area: Hybrid and Virtual Learning


Pathway: Understanding

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The current landscape of education is unprecedented. Teachers, students, and leaders have had to adapt to multiple modalities of learning quickly and with little support. Hybrid models blend learning among digital and in-person spaces, and one of the most difficult hybrid models is concurrent learning, where a subset of students connect from home to a live classroom led by a teacher in the school building. There is little research in this area to support teachers and leaders with best practices for how to engage students in this learning environment.

In this Virtual Workshop, participants will:

  • Define best practices for engaging students in-person and online concurrently
  • Explore concrete resources that apply to all contexts and feel sustainable and replicable
  • Build a plan for creating a concurrent classroom that meets the needs of all learners


This workshop is intended to support teachers, coaches, or leaders who want to understand best practices for concurrent learning that will help in creating sustainable classrooms that meet the needs of all learners.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and Internet connection


I build concurrent classroom environments that support all modalities of learning.

Learning Experience


  • Identify the importance of building relationships, establishing systems, and structuring content, space, and time to create sustainable concurrent classrooms 
  • Define systems that support in-person and online learning by leveraging best practices for student engagement through a collaborative Jigsaw


  • Explore blending learning models that provide opportunities for teaching to feel more manageable
  • Brainstorm ways to apply ideas to their own reality in collaborative breakout rooms


  • Develop a plan for creating a concurrent classroom that meets the needs of all learners 
  • Use a reflection protocol to share their plan with colleagues