Supporting the Wellness of Staff with Mindfulness

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Targeted Support

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Supporting educator growth is an essential function of Instructional Leadership. Creating conditions that foster growth requires both technical and emotional support. Learning to implement mindfulness and other social emotional learning (SEL) practices can contribute to learning environments well-suited to facilitate high levels of teaching and learning. Attuning to the emotional needs of educators leads to safer, more productive and nurturing teaching and learning experiences. In order to fully support wellness within the organization,  instructional leaders must understand and be able to intentionally practice mindfulness and other SEL practices.


This session is designed for district,  school, and teacher leaders who interface with school-level educators to provide instructional support, training, and leadership.


  •  2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I implement social emotional learning practices to support the emotional needs and wellness of my team.

Learning Experience


  • Define wellness and Identify three “Big Ideas” that support wellness
  • Establish hazards found in learning environments leading to negative emotion
  • Understand the connection between the attunement of emotion and managing change
  • Determine why wellness need prioritization


  • Explore strategies and real-life scenarios to practice mindfulness
  • Determine how “deep listening” supports mindfulness
  • Review tips to enhance listening skills


  • Apply and align knowledge of wellness to existing work
  • Develop a strategic plan for practicing wellness
  • Receive and exchange peer feedback on strategic wellness plan