Supporting Students with Building a Classroom Community

Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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We, at BetterLesson, believe that building a classroom learning community that’s equitable and student-centered requires the development of social and emotional intelligence and cultural competence. This virtual workshop focuses on social awareness and relationship skills, two of the five competencies that make up CASEL’s model of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).  Teachers will look at examples, discuss strategies, and engage in protocol’s that will support them in developing steps towards achieving classroom community goals. By the end of this experience participants will know how to create a learning community that meets the needs of all learners in their classroom.


This session is designed for teachers beginning their journey in SEL or those that are looking to take their understanding to the next level are recommended to take this virtual experience that has strategies leading to implementing next steps.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and motivation


I strengthen classroom community by supporting strong peer-to-peer and teacher-student relationships.

Learning Experience

Participants will…


  • Define two of the five social-emotional learning (SEL) core competencies; relationship skills and social awareness.


  • Explore strategies and engage with different protocol’s to develop competence and confidence (ie. the “5-Whys”)


  • Build and get peer feedback on their plan to create a thriving class community