Supporting Students to Analyze their Actions

Focus Area: Social-Emotional Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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Social-emotional learning is a process that helps students better feel, comprehend, and empathize with others and themselves. The 5 CASEL competencies work together to help students build awareness and learn behaviors that help them make positive and responsible decisions while building relationships with others. Although one competency is being developed in this session, the potential for change in other areas is present and likely. This session focuses on leading students through the decision-making process with the intention to help build their capacity to make choices that best serve them and others. Instead of reacting with emotion this workshop supports students to respond by evaluating the benefits and consequences of their choices.


This session is designed for teachers that are beginning their SEL journey or looking to advance their understanding to the application and ownership stages of implementation.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


I build a classroom in which students make responsible decisions.

Learning Experience

Participants will…


  • Define the meaning and significance of responsible decision-making by considering why it’s important and understanding the impact it has on social and academic development


  • Explore strategies that foster responsible decision-making in students and that adults can model


  • Build and get peer feedback on a plan to incorporate responsible decision making into daily instruction and/or a daily practice.