Supporting English Learners with Newsela

Focus Area: Newsela

CInstructional Coaches, TTeachers

Pathway: Understanding

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During this virtual workshop, educators will preview tools and functions in the Newsela platform that can support English learners (ELs) to develop language and content at the same time.  The features they will explore include: differentiated lexile reading levels/Spanish language texts, vocabulary and quick checks for understanding. Participants will also explore a few specific strategies to support ELs with the learning content and language at the same time.  During the build time, participants will have time to apply what they learned by planning to use one of the tools that meets a language need of their students.  They will have time to get feedback on their plan from their colleagues.


This session can be customized for either teachers or leaders/coaches.


Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and their subscription login to Newsela.


I use Newsela’s platform to intentionally support English Learners with language and content development.

Learning Experience

Define the importance of learning content and language at the same time and how Newsela supports ELs to do both.

Explore the 3 pillars of supporting ELs with Newsela: practice with vocabulary and language, time in texts, quick checks for understanding and specific strategies to support ELs to learn content and language within the 3 pillars.

Build a plan to try one of the features or strategies to support ELs in their classroom. and collaborate with colleagues on their plan.