Supercharging Engagement with Adobe Tools

Focus Area: Adobe


Pathway: Understanding

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One challenging aspect of setting up engaging flexible learning is determining which technology tools can provide the greatest impact on students. Using technology to modify or redefine learning can lead to modern classrooms that cultivate creativity, lead to more engagement, and offer student choice. Using relevant, robust tools that have these student-centered aspects result in more motivated, empowered learners and greater student success.

Adobe Creative Cloud tools allow students to create products, make their thinking visible, and express their individuality. By building an understanding of the different tools and viewing relevant examples of student-centered strategies, participants will feel confident in implementing these tools within their schools. 


This workshop is intended to introduce instructional leaders (coaches, administrators, support staff) to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products and provide support for planning for the implementation of these tools to create engaging, meaningful learning experiences for students.


  • 1 hour
  • Up to 20 participants per Betterlesson Coach
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and access to Adobe

Learning Experience


Build understanding of how robust tech tools foster creativity, communication, and choice in learning experiences by using a teacher scenario and student examples


Explore strategies from the Master Teacher Project to see what’s possible with Adobe tools using an interactive Adobe Acrobat hyperdoc, then collaboratively brainstorm how to relate strategies to different contexts


Experience Adobe Spark as they determine their next steps in implementation