Sharing Deeper Feedback to Support Learning Improvements

Focus Area: Feedback and Observation

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Targeted Support

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Observing teachers in practice and providing timely, specific feedback is an integral component of improving teaching and learning. While improving instruction is a core function of school leaders, many struggle to find the time to observe live or asynchronous instruction, and even more so to give actionable feedback. Once cycles for feedback and observation have been  created, the work must extend to actually providing teachers with timely, specific, and relevant feedback to instruction that results in improved student outcomes.  This session will equip instructional leaders with some tools for illuminating deeper feedback to support teaching and learning.


This session is designed for district,  school, and teacher leaders who interface with school-level educators to provide instructional support, training, and leadership.


  •  2 hours
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I use collaborative and non-evaluative feedback techniques to promote teacher growth.

Learning Experience

During the workshop, participants will…


  • Differentiate giving vs illuminating feedback
  • Analyze 5 Illuminating Deeper Feedback Moves
    • Collective and Aligned Goals
    • Student-Centered Mindset
    • Targeted Questioning
    • Next Steps
    • Review Artifacts
  • Examine mindset, process, and goals as aspects of illuminating feedback


  • Explore the role trust plays in the F/O cycle
  • Apply the 5 Illuminating Deeper Feedback Moves in Feedback Clinics using real-world scenarios
  • Apply the 4 key practice using real-world scenarios


  • Synthesize new learning to create a F/O plan to illuminate deeper feedback
  • Share and offer feedback on implementation plans with peers