Self-Assessment and Refining Practice in Skills Block K-2

Focus Area: EL Education


Pathway: Understanding

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During curriculum implementation, educators need support making sense of the curriculum using planning processes, data and templates to effectively plan and prepare for instruction, even when the curriculum is well planned to begin with.  Skills Block is filled with resources and materials that can support educators to pinpoint students’ phonics needs and plan for differentiated instruction.  This workshop series will support educators to analyze student level Benchmark data in order to plan for teacher-led and independent rotations.

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other workshop sessions below:


Strategic Planning with Skills Block VLS is designed to support teachers who have taught the Skills Block and given at least 1 cycle of Benchmark Assessments recently. This is NOT for educators who are new to implementing Skills Block.


  • 3, 2 hour virtual sessions
  • K-2 Educators
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone, Resource Manual and Skills Block Teacher Guide for what they are teaching in the next few weeks (digital or in print materials)


Educators will be supported to use recent student level data to form differentiated groups based on microphases, plan for the whole group lesson, teacher-led small group lessons and differentiated rotations.  Educators will engage in processes and reflection to refine their planning practices and apply what they have learned about Skills Block.

  • Using Data: Teachers use data and student work products to inform instructional decisions and group students for differentiation
  • Meeting the Needs of All Learners: Teachers plan strategically to meet the needs of all learners using curriculum resources and supports
    support student success
  • Strategic Planning: Teachers understand the purpose of the curriculum components and practices and use them in both internalizing units and daily lesson planning to
  • Resources, Templates and Videos: Teachers know where to find and how to use EL Curriculum resources, BetterLesson support documents and can leverage video to improve instruction

Learning Experience

Over the course of the three sessions, participants will engage in reflection on their current practice, analyze student data from Benchmark Assessments, gig into planning processes and utilize planning templates and curriculum resources.

Session A: Self-Assessment and Refining Practice in Skills Block K-2

In this session, participants will self-assess where they are with the implementation of Skills Block in order to focus on specific components during future sessions. They will dig into planning for the whole group instruction and review key elements of Skills Block.