Scaffolds to Address Academic Gaps with Newsela for Teachers

Focus Area: Newsela


Pathway: Understanding

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During this interactive workshop, participants will define scaffolds versus differentiation and explore features in Newsela that support educators to differentiate content, annotate, and provide writing practice support.  Participants will experience the Newsela scaffolds and explore the BL Master Teacher Project strategies to support specific academic gaps.  Participants will have time to collaborate with colleagues and receive feedback on their individual plans before implementing the plan.


This session is designed for teachers and/or instructional coaches.


Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and their subscription login to Newsela.


I use scaffolds and strategies in the Newsela platform to address common academic challenges.

Learning Experience


  • self-assessment with comfort level of Newsela
  • common academic challenges (gaps) and opportunities
  • for leaders: addressing mindsets for teachers using Newsela


  • Newsela features by working through student scenarios in small groups
  • strategies from Newsela Master Teacher Project that can support classroom instruction
  • strategies will focus on scaffolding the content through the use of Newsela features like power words and writing prompts
  • personal experience in order to determine what strategies to prioritize for their context


  • a plan to address a specific academic gap for their students by using a Newsela scaffolding feature to improve student outcomes