Providing Leadership Opportunities to Grow Capacity

Focus Area: Principalship


Pathway: Understanding

Available July 1, 2022


Providing leadership opportunities, and building the capacity of teachers and administrators is among the strategies that have the greatest impact on accelerating student learning and is also among the most labor intensive for principals (McQueen, 2021). Leading principals in the work of expanding their leadership capacity to advance teachers’ talents provides immediate and long-term rewards, both for the staff and the organization. Within this topic, BL Coaches will use the Communities of Practice (COP) principles to equip principals with tools to evaluate and expand educator capacity.


This coaching experience is designed for early (1-3 years) and aspiring principals aiming to strengthen their leadership practice. 


  • Virtual Group Coaching
  • 2-hour monthly Community of Practice(COP) group experience followed by 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Up to 15 participants per cohort
  • Principal Cohorts based on district selection
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I can effectively and consistently identify educator talent and utilize growth-centric tools and strategies to expand their capacity to peak perform within the school community and beyond.

Learning Experience


  • Identify varying growth opportunities needed for ineffective vs. effective educators
  • Examine the benefits and challenges of varied research-based growth perspectives


  • Explore a talent map as a tool to rate educator effectiveness that informs growth supports
  • Strategize  with colleagues on ways to best leverage the tool in addition to other data sources


  • Utilize the Educator Journey Map as a guide to help educators plan for future intentions and best aligned growth supports
  • Plan to share completed plans and exchange feedback on the Community Discussion Board as a follow-up to the COP to prepare for 1:1 coaching