Providing Feedback to Promote Academic Growth

Focus Area: Formative Assessment and Differentiation


Phase: Targeted Support

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In formative assessment, feedback is a critical component for driving academic growth. Offering feedback in a variety of ways and by teachers and peers, can support students to clearly communicate their learning and improve on their work. For feedback to be effective, students and teachers must work together to create a classroom culture of growth, positivity, and trust. 

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This workshop is designed for teachers and coaches who want to build understanding around how to create a culture of feedback in their classrooms to drive academic growth. This session would be a good fit for any educator, whether they are just beginning to transition to more formative assessment in their classroom, or they are more experienced and want to build ideas around how to incorporate more student-centered feedback in their classroom.


I guide students in gaining ownership over their own progress monitoring.

Learning Experience

Session C: Providing Feedback to Promote Academic Growth


  • Define how shared ownership of feedback can lead to a positive learning environment and more student ownership of their learning
  • Identify how student-centered feedback is goal-referenced, actionable, ongoing, timely, and tied to progress
  • Understand how goal setting plays a key role in feedback loops


  • Examine real teacher examples of feedback systems
  • Explore strategies of student-centered feedback and consider how to implement these in their own context


  • Build a plan for student-centered feedback in their classroom
  • Give and receive peer feedback on their plan