Provide Targeted Supports During Self-Paced Learning

Focus Area: Competency-Based Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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In a competency based learning model, there is a major shift in a teacher’s role as they give more ownership to their students. A teacher becomes a facilitator of learning, designing engaging learning progressions and then ensuring that students are on track and mastering content as they engage in learning progressions asynchronously or at their own pace. This support for students involves teachers strategically developing structures that allow for targeted small grouping, peer support, differentiated scaffolds, and individualized intervention.


This topic is designed for educators who are implementing a competency based classroom model and want to build their understanding around how to support students as they self-pace through a learning progression. This workshop is recommended for grades 3-12.


I design structures to provide targeted support to students in a competency-based model.

Learning Experience


  • Define how to develop targeted support structures such as small group intervention, individualized scaffolds, and differentiated supports
  • Understand best practices for using data to support student’s progression in a learning pathway


  • Explore strategies and scenarios for providing targeted, personalized support for students


  • Build a plan for a targeted support structure
  • Get peer feedback on their structure