Promoting Asset-Based Thinking to Honor All Students

Focus Area: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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In this 2-hour virtual workshop educators will learn how to become familiar with disrupting deficit narratives that show up in our daily interactions. Educators will address ways to challenge derogatory interactions starting with building a mutual understanding of norms that maintain dominant culture (ie. through microagressions, mindsets, false narratives, systems of injustice, etc). Then educators choose an area of focus to develop a plan of execution where they’re using their agency to create clear next steps to pursue equity by disrupting deficit narratives.


This product is designed for faculty and leaders that are prepared to work towards redefining narratives expressed through classroom culture. Participants should be familiar with concepts of culturally responsive teaching and learning and prepared to self-reflect, work in breakout rooms, and develop actionable strategies that are purposeful and will be implemented immediately.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


I am mindful about how I speak to and about my students.

Learning Experience


Participants will start with an analysis of deficit narratives by exploring the ways in which they manifest socially through microaggressions, mindsets, false narratives, and systems of injustice.


In this section participants will engage in an in-depth exploration of ONE area of focus by learning about strategies that will support them in developing their focus area.


To close, participants will practice putting their strategies to use by working in breakout rooms to share and receive feedback from peers, to leave with confident next steps to be implemented immediately.