OUR/IM K-5 Math Unit Guide: Kindergarten, Unit 2

Focus Area: OUR K-5 / IM K-5 Math

CInstructional Coaches, TTeachers

Pathway: Awareness

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In this course, a coach walks you through the learning goals of Kindergarten Unit 2 of the OUR K-5/IM K-5 Math Curriculum with a close look at the way lessons progress throughout the unit to help students reach those goals.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Name the key learning goals of the unit
  • Describe how the sections and lessons of the unit are sequenced to help students develop their understanding over time
  • Begin to plan for bringing the unit to life with your students


  • 1 hour self-directed course
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access


I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.