Making Grade Level Content Accessible to All Students

Focus Area: Accelerating Growth


Phase: Targeted Support

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Educators have always had to address a wide range of academic levels – but now more than ever. Instead of focusing only on remediation, which research has shown can perpetuate learning gaps, we will explore the importance of presenting grade level content in a way that is accessible to all students – accelerating growth by chunking learning into manageable pieces and embedding supports into instruction.


This session is designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders who want to prioritize grade level content to accelerate learning for their students. This workshop is targeted to support educators to launch into the school year with the ability to articulate the shifts in practice needed to address academic gaps and unfinished learning that occurred during COVID.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and Internet access


I maintain grade-level instruction for all learners by prioritizing learning objectives.

Learning Experience


  • Define goals for having students understand grade level concepts
  • Analyze a sustainable process for evaluating benchmark data, focusing on priority content, establishing groups for accelerated learning, and monitoring and adjusting for impact


  • Understand the importance of just-in-time supports, such as identifying foundational skills, creating “acceleration stations” for the beginning of each new unit, spiraling content, and utilizing familiar tech tools for differentiated practice
  • Explore a grade level task for their context and identify opportunities for differentiation and accessibility


  • Develop a plan for building the supports that will prepare their students to engage with priority grade-level content
  • Share and get feedback on their plan using a feedback protocol