Leveraging Curriculum Supports for All Learners in Modules

Focus Area: EL Education

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Planning

Available July 2024


The EL Curriculum provides support and resources for differentiated instruction, which allows teachers to support students with disabilities as well as those who may need academic extension. In this workshop, participants will build an understanding of how to leverage aspects of the curriculum to support all learners. Participants will explore foundational understandings, learner attributes, approaches and special considerations (for example, English Learners and Students with Disabilities) and then have an opportunity to plan for an upcoming lesson utilizing the curriculum resources that are designed to make the curriculum accessible and engaging for all learners.


I plan for Module lessons based on curriculum supports and student needs.


  • 3 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience

  • Define the embedded supports for diverse learners within the curriculum
  • Explore EL Education curriculum design and models to see how to leverage specific curriculum resources to support all students to engage and achieve
  • Build a plan for an upcoming unit and lesson that utilizes the curriculum resources to support diverse learners