Launching the Odell Curriculum 9-12

Focus Area: Odell Education Curriculum

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Launch

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During this interactive workshop educators will build their awareness and understanding of the Odell Education Curriculum. Educators will understand the design principles and key shifts this curriculum requires teachers to make. They will spend time exploring the online platform in order to understand the structure of the units, sections, lessons and assessments.  Through modeling interactive protocols they will explore the foundational unit and understand why investing time in this unit will engender a strong classroom community that supports students’ success with future units.  Educators will finish the day reflecting on their new learning and build a plan to continue to explore and learn about the curriculum in order to solidify their strong foundational understanding of the curriculum.


This workshop is designed for grades 9-12 ELA educators, instructional coaches and leaders who will be using the Odell Education Curriculum.


I utilize the Odell Education Curriculum materials effectively to support student literacy skill development.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience


  • the design principles of the curriculum and common shifts in teacher practice
  • how to navigate and use the Odell online platform and tools
  • the structure of the curriculum and assessments


  • the foundational unit, sections and lessons
  • one lesson from the teacher perspective and student perspective
  • choice and flexibility in the curriculum to meet student needs


  • Time to plan for the first 2 lessons of the Foundation Unit and reflect on key shifts they will make with their practice