Launching the EL Curriculum

Focus Area: EL Education

Instructional Coaches, Leaders, Teachers

Phase: Launch

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In this interactive, in-person workshop, participants will understand the overall curriculum structure including grade-level specific components and the guiding principles of the curriculum (8 High-Leverage Practices).  Throughout the workshop participants will engage in EL protocols as they learn about the structure of the curriculum and the scope and sequence of learning for the year.  By the end of this workshop, participants will be prepared to successfully learn and plan for each of the curriculum components in more detail: Modules, Skills Block and ALL Block.


Classroom teachers and leaders who are new to implementing the EL Education Curriculum. If participants are using LearnZillion/ImagineLearning to access the materials, please make sure they all have their logins and have completed the initial training from the platform partner.  This workshop will support participants to access the materials on the platform but IS NOT intended to train them on the platform.


  • 6 hours, in-person
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access, as well as access to their curriculum materials (including logins to curriculum platforms)


I utilize the EL Curriculum materials to support all students with literacy skills.

Learning Experience


  • overall curriculum components by grade-level that build successful readers and writers
  • guiding principles of the curriculum (8 High-Leverage Practices)
  • materials access including LearnZillion, OpenUp and printed materials
  • experience EL Education protocols throughout the experience


  • the curriculum in action through videos
  • the scope and sequence of learning for the entire year 
  • Module structure including units, assessments and lessons
  • reflect on their learning and describe shifts they will have to make to implement this curriculum