Launching EL Education K-8 Modules

Focus Area: EL Education


Phase: Launch

Available July 2024


The EL Education Launch Workshop supports educators in building their understanding of the module component of the curriculum. During this workshop, educators will define how modules are structured and how this supports students’ literacy development. Educators will understand the specific components of each lesson and how they are built to ensure student success over time. By experiencing different components of the curriculum, educators will develop and internalize how lessons are structured and will have time to plan for intentional instruction.


I utilize the EL Curriculum materials to support all students with literacy skills.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience

  • Define the design and structure of EL Education modules component and how this design relates to the entire curriculum
  • Explore the topics and skills addressed and assessed in Module 1, trace the progression of skills within a unit, and experience a close reading model
  • Build a plan for Module 1 implementation and the first few weeks of school