Launching EL Education as a Leader K-8

Focus Area: EL Education


Pathway: Understanding

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The EL Education curriculum for grades K-8 is designed to support rigorous language and literacy teaching and learning through its deep, intentional design, standards-based alignment, and engaging real-world context  During this workshop, participants will focus on the curriculum design principles, structure and components through interactive learning experiences.  After building awareness and understanding of the curriculum, leaders will build a plan to support curriculum implementation at their school and district.


This workshop is designed for administrators, curriculum coaches and other district leaders who are interested in building a foundational understanding of the EL Curriculum in order to support a successful implementation.


  • 6-7 hours
  • Participants will need to bring a computer and access the curriculum in print or digitally.


  • Curriculum Design: Leaders understand how the Modules, Skills Block, All Block and Labs are designed to support literacy development within the design principles of the curriculum
  • Curriculum Components and Practices: Leaders understand how each component (Modules, Skills, ALL and Labs) and instructional practices of literacy development spirals through units to support mastery (close reading, chaining, language dives, etc.)
  • Vision: Leaders communicate a clear vision and create an action plan for successful implementation of the curriculum that will lead to student growth and achievement
  • Resources: Leaders ensure that teachers have materials, time, structures and supports for effectively planning and teaching with the curriculum

Learning Experience


Develop an understanding of the design principles of the EL curriculum and how they support student literacy.


Understand how lesson structures, assessments, and student-centered learning routines in the EL Curriculum develop student literacy through a spiraled design.


Strategically plan for high-quality implementation and continued development of all teachers.