Launching Blended Learning

Focus Area: Blended Learning

Instructional Coaches, Leaders, Teachers

Phase: Launch

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Blended learning is a Flexible Instructional Model in which technology is integrated to create personalized learning experiences for students. By designing learning around flexible time and space, personalized tasks, meaningful use of technology, and responsive teaching through a student-centered approach, students in effective blended learning classes will build autonomy, learn important skills for their future, and engage in a more effective learning environment. Personalizing and transforming learning is hard, but doing so without incorporating technology is almost impossible! In this in-person, 1-day workshop, a BetterLesson instructional coach will help participants create a shared learning space to discuss and model best practices, and ensure participants can build an actionable plan for effective and meaningful technology integration for their blended learning models. Learning experiences within this session will allow for participants to think about how they can personalize learning with their students whether they are novices with a little tech integration in their in-person classes or more experienced with blending technology.


This session is designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders who want to build a common language and experience around the importance of blending learning. This workshop is targeted to both new and experienced educators by providing differentiated learning experiences around blended learning.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience


  • Identify where they are with blended learning through a self-assessment, then set a goal for the session
  • Explore how flexible time and space, personalized tasks, meaningful use of technology, and responsive teaching create effective blended learning systems that drive student learning and are sustainable over time
  • Use the SAMR model to think critically about the use of technology and how it drives student learning outcomes
  • Build understanding around how to “prepare the soil” for in-person blended learning through developing shared norms, values, routines, and expectations


  • Experience blended learning models such as rotations, self-paced pathways, and flipped classroom and reflect on how each could be incorporated into their own context
  • Engage with multiple tech tools and reflect on their experiences
  • Work in collaborative groups to design a task that blends flexible time and space with meaningful technology


  • Create a strategic plan for shifting an upcoming lesson or unit into a blended model to synthesize and apply ideas to participant context
  • Meet in an affinity group to explore ideas and resources around a specific subject area, grade level, or experience level
  • Develop a shared bank of ideas and resources among participants