Launching ALL Block 3-5

Focus Area: EL Education


Pathway: Understanding

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After building the foundation of the EL Curriculum during the Launch workshop, educators need time to build their understanding of the ALL Block structure and components. During this workshop, educators will experience an ALL Block rotation and explore how to use task cards to support students.  Educators will synthesize their learning by creating a plan to organize materials and plan for future instruction.


Educators new to the EL Curriculum and ALL Block or educators who are early adopters but have not received professional development.


  • 6-7 hours
  • Space can be adapted for small group work
  • Access to ALL Block materials (print or digital)


Participants will know and understand the components of the ALL Block and how to design rotations to support students’ literacy development to deepen Module understanding.

  • Curriculum Design: Teachers understand how the Modules and ALL Block support literacy development
  • Curriculum Components and Practices: Teachers understand how each component and instructional practices of literacy development spirals through ALL Block to support mastery
  • Intentional Planning: Teachers understand and can facilitate specific curriculum components and routines in order to intentionally plan for ALL Block
  • Resources, Templates and Videos: Teachers know where to find and how to use EL Curriculum resources, BetterLesson support documents and can leverage video to improve instruction

Learning Experience


  • I can describe the ALL Block components and their purpose
  • I can describe the structure of ALL Block
  • I can explain how the ALL Block works hand-in-hand with the module lessons to help students achieve mastery
  • I can describe how the research supports ALL Block


  • I can experience an ALL Block rotation in order to develop my understanding of how to establish routines and procedures to maximize learning time
  • I can explore how to roll out the ALL Block intentionally
  • I can explore how to support independent practice for students


  • I can utilize provided materials and instructional practices to build a plan for implementation and future instruction