Launching Accelerating Growth

Focus Area: Accelerating Growth


Phase: Launch

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As we are transitioning back into more traditional school structures, educators are presented with challenges of creating learning spaces that set students up for success and meet their academic, social, and emotional needs. By creating differentiated learning opportunities that are equitable, sustainable, and rigorous, educators can provide support for all students, regardless of any learning gaps from the past year.

In this 1-day in person workshop, participants will

  • Define the importance of accelerating growth through the use of student-centered learning practices such as UDL, meaningful integration of technology, mastery-based assessment, and more
  • Explore strategies and tools that help create a sustainable system for accelerating growth in any learning context
  • Build a strategic plan for implementing ideas in their own context, and get feedback from peers on their plan


This session is designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders who want to build a common language and experience around the importance of accelerating growth. This workshop is targeted to support educators to launch into the school year with the ability to articulate the shifts in practice needed to address academic gaps and unfinished learning that occurred during COVID.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience


  • Build understanding around the ideas of learning loss and accelerating growth by evaluating a real-life use case and exploring research
  • Identify the challenges they will face as a learning community by looking at student scenarios
  • Self-assess to celebrate learning gains from the past year, as well as identify an area of growth and focus for the workshop
  • Define key solutions for accelerating growth including: 
    • Developing classroom culture and relationships with students through best practices of SEL
    • Using grade-level standards and content to vertically map foundational skills and concepts
    • Building scaffolds and supports using the Universal Design for Learning principles
    • Supplementing learning by integrating technology supports
    • Prioritizing depth over breadth by evaluating with mastery-based assessments
  • Develop solutions for addressing challenges in a collaborative group


  • Explore ideas and instructional strategies for structuring classroom time and space that supports accelerating growth through the use of a choice board 
  • Brainstorm ideas and strategies to support student needs in collaborative teams


  • Use key ideas to build a strategic plan for accelerating growth through backwards planning from priority learning goals
  • Get peer feedback on their plan and share ideas in a community space by using a sharing protocol