Introduction to Skills Block K-2 Part #1

Focus Area: EL Education


Phase: Launch

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Districts, schools and teachers who are implementing the EL Curriculum for the first time need a structured approach to building their awareness and understanding of the curriculum.  During this virtual series, participants will understand the overall design principles and structure of the curriculum, the components and instructional shifts that teachers will make towards a student-centered literacy classroom and how this will support students to become successful learners.

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other workshop sessions below:


This learning series is for participants who are new to the EL Curriculum or have piloted some of the components.  During this series, we will launch with a curriculum overview and then narrow the focus to Modules, Skills Block and ALL Block depending on the grade-level audience.


  • Grade level specific or mixed grade levels
  • All participants need to have access to a computer with a camera, microphone and headphones
  • Participants should have access to curriculum materials either digitally or in print


I understand the structure and purpose of Skills Block.

Learning Experience

Session D: Getting Started with Skills Block K-2

  • I can understand the research and rationale for a structured phonics program.
  • I can understand how the Skills Block component is structured.
  • I can find resources and materials in my Resource Manual.
  • I can reflect on my learning.