Integrating Technology Meaningfully to Support Learning

Focus Area: Blended Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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When choosing technology, it is important to consider how integrating the tool in different ways could change the learning task. The SAMR model ensures we have the right tool for the task by helping us think critically about meaningful technology integration. In coaching or in a Virtual Workshop, participants will:

  • Define SAMR model as a tool for reflection and planning
  • Explore a variety of tech tools to understand how they make learning more efficient or meaningful
  • Build and get peer feedback on their plan to evaluate their tech integration


This workshop is intended to support teachers and coaches in designing more purposeful, engaging, and efficient technology integration. It can also support leaders, with modifications, as a process to go through with teachers.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


Participants will build understanding of the SAMR framework and apply it to currently used tools. This way of thinking can support them with application of technology integration by providing a way of thinking about technology use that goes beyond functionality and into planning. 

Learning Experience


  • Think critically about technology use in the classroom
  • Develop a shared understanding of the SAMR framework
  • Practice identifying where a technology task falls in the SAMR framework, and understand how moving to the left or right of the continuum can improve student learning outcomes


  • Explore scenarios and examples of tech tools and classroom ideas
  • In breakout groups, discuss how you can enhance tech integration by using the SAMR framework


  • Using a tech tool of their choice, apply the SAMR framework to identify strategic uses in their own context
  • Use their tech tool to design an engaging learning task for students
  • Share their design in small breakout groups to gather feedback