Implementing the 5 Practices with Desmos

Focus Area: Student-Centered Math


Pathway: Understanding

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Smith and Stein’s 5 Practices model gives teachers a clear framework for using students’ own thinking to help a group make meaning of a mathematical concept. It “gives students opportunities to experience mathematics as more than the application of procedures” and to see themselves as capable mathematicians at the same time.  

This 2-hour virtual workshop will model how teachers can use the free Desmos Snapshots tool to organize a 5 Practices-style class discussion in a virtual setting. 


This workshop is designed for teachers working with secondary math students (6th – 12th grades). While it does not provide a full introduction to Desmos or to the 5 Practices, it is accessible for educators with varying degrees of familiarity with either. 

  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone.


I use the Desmos Snapshots Tool to organize inclusive and productive math class discussions.

Learning Experience


  • The experience of a discussion organized using the Desmos Snapshot tool from a student perspective
  • The goals and structure of the 5 Practices
  • The Desmos Snapshots tool


  • The Desmos Snapshots tool and how to use it to organize a discussion based on student responses


  • A plan for using the Snapshots tool to organize discussion of a specific Desmos math activity