Implementing EL Education K-8 as a Leader

Focus Area: EL Education


Pathway: Understanding


This workshop is designed for leaders to gain an awareness and understanding of the EL Curriculum. Leaders will have an opportunity to reflect on how they will support educators in their context.


This workshop is designed for district and school leaders who want to build their foundation and understanding of the EL Curriculum.


  • 2 hours
  • 4-16 participants per BetterLesson Coach
  • Participants will need a computer equipped with a microphone and camera.


  • Curriculum Design: Teachers understand how the Modules, Skills Block, All Block and Labs are designed to support literacy development
  • Vision: Leaders communicate a clear vision and action plan for successful implementation of the curriculum that will lead to student growth and achievement
  • Resources: Leaders ensure that teachers have materials, time, structures and supports for effectively planning and teaching with the curriculum