How Guidebooks Units Build Skills Over Time

Focus Area: EL Education


Pathway: Understanding

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Study after study has validated the need for a high quality, rigorous curriculum with complex, grade level texts being a catalyst for student success in reading. The English Language Arts Guidebooks curriculum is designed by teachers to support students in whole group instruction to engage with authentic text collections that scaffold and build ownership of grade level reading skills.  To maximize the impact of this curriculum, teachers that can make instructional decisions aligned with the design of Guidebooks and their student needs will be essential.  To be able to ‘launch’ the curriculum, teachers will need support in a few key areas:

  • Defining the design principles and structure of the curriculum
  • Understanding the unit and how reading skills build over time
  • Developing lesson level supports for all learners

In this virtual workshop series, BetterLesson coaches will lead participants in a hands on, collaborative, and deep learning dive into the curriculum.  The series will allow participants to learn about key features without being overwhelmed, and have time to synthesize and reflect on each of the major components above.  Sessions will be delivered via Zoom, and include opportunities to dig into the materials, learn planning processes, and discuss potential challenges and opportunities with this exciting new approach to reading class.

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other workshop sessions below:


Designed primarily for teachers grade K-8 implementing the Guidebooks curriculum, although the series can benefit coaches and other instructional leaders


  • 3 sessions, each approximately 2 hours


Some key outcomes of this series includes participants that can:

  • Articulate the design of the curriculum, and how it supports engagement, building reading skills, and assessing progress.
  • Develop comfort with the materials and layout and progression of units, the key package of learning in the curriculum.
  • Build awareness around key shifts for teachers and students within the curriculum

Learning Experience

Session B: How Guidebooks Units Build Skills Over Time

In this session, we build understanding of how guidebooks scaffolds key skills through close reading of complex text, and how to map the progression over units.