Going Deeper with Strategic Planning for Skills Block K-2

Focus Area: EL Education


Phase: Planning

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During this workshop, participants will reflect on the implementation of the Skills Block so far by looking at specific components. This will frame how we approach strategic planning.  Participants will analyze student level Benchmark Assessment data to ensure that students are placed in the correct microphase and then plan for differentiated teacher-led instruction and independent learning rotations.  Participants will engage in small group activities, discussions and use planning templates in order to walk away with a solid plan for instruction.


This workshop is designed for teachers who have taught Skills Block and have given at least the Benchmark Assessments.  Teachers should bring their Benchmark data to the workshop and their planning materials (Resource Manual, data collection systems, etc).


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access and EL Skills Block materials


I understand the structure and purpose of Skills Block.

Learning Experience


Identify trends of success and support with my implementation of K-2 Skills Block


Understand how to use K-2 assessment data to support personalized instruction


Plan for whole group instruction, differentiated small group instruction and independent work time based on data