Getting Started with Student-Centered Math

Focus Area: Student-Centered Mathematics


Phase: Targeted Support

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Student-centered mathematics instruction engages all students through creativity, exploration, and collaboration. It encourages the development of mathematical language alongside conceptual understanding and results in authentic procedural fluency. 

The Student-Centered Mathematics Virtual Workshop Series is created to serve as your learning community’s launch into a student-centered math initiative.  This experience draws on tenets of active pedagogy to create a learning environment where teachers can dive into some of the pillars of a student-centered math approach, including the leveraging of meaningful math discourse and a problem study orientation. The workshop prioritizes an understanding of these approaches through modeling and experiencing the concepts as learners, and debriefing to discuss steps for implementation. The five 2-hour virtual sessions provide participants with a structure that is job-embedded and continuous, and support participants to try, measure, and learn in a cyclical format as a learning community. 

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other sessions below:


This product is for educators who teach math at any grade level. 


  • Three, four, or five 2-hour sessions 


I support students to learn about math concepts in a way that fosters student ownership.

Learning Experience

Session A: Getting Started with Student-Centered Math

  • Define student-centered math and key characteristics.
  • Explore how math lessons and activities can be student-centered.
  • Build an analysis of our own math lessons and how they are student-centered.