Getting Started with Math Language Routines

Focus Area: OUR 6-8 / IM 6-12 Math


Phase: Targeted Support

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The Math Language Routines Virtual Workshop Series contains four different 2-hour virtual workshops created to serve as your learning community’s deep dive into the Math Language Routines within the OUR 6-8/IM 6-12 Math curriculum.  This experience is a series of collaborative, hands-on workshops designed to support participants to understand the design of the MLRs, experience them as learners, and incorporate them into their plans. Using these routines leads to increased access to the math for all learners through more scaffolding and differentiation focused on language within lessons.

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other workshop sessions below:


The workshops in this series are designed for teachers currently working with the OUR 6-8 Math Curriculum.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


I integrate supports that enable all students to access key math concepts.

Learning Experience

Session A: Getting Started with Math Language Routines


  • How specific MLRs support students in developing both their math and language understanding.


  • The goals and structures of specific MLRs work
  • A process for planning for using MLRs with students


  • A plan for introducing an MLR to students helping them develop ownership over the routine