Getting Started with Culturally Responsive Strategies

Focus Area: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning


Phase: Targeted Support

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In this 2-hour virtual workshop, a BetterLesson coach will guide your learning community on the first part of this journey: From Awareness to Action. From Awareness to Action highlights building self-inventory skills and exposing the deep inequities in educational practices (awareness) while identifying ways to take steps in the classroom and school to further learn about ourselves as educators and our students (action). In this hands-on, collaborative experience, participants will define culturally responsive teaching and learning through their own reality as educators. Participants will reflect on their practice by creating a self-inventory and will align on current systemic inequalities and injustices to inform the creation of an implementation plan.  


This product is designed for teachers, leaders, and administrators that are looking to confront inequity and use their agency to analyze implicit bias and work towards creating equitable systems. 


  • 2 hour virtual workshop
  • Small-Large Groups


I consistently implement Culturally Responsive Teaching practices into my instruction.

Learning Experience

  • Coaches will guide discussion, facilitate conversations, and push boundaries to encourage thought and inspire critical thinking.
  • Participants will reflect on their own beliefs, examine the reason their choices were made, consider how that shows up in their instruction or as an eductor, and work towards undoing that habit in implementing a culturally responsive teaching and learning strategy.
  • In groups, participants will share their findings, exchange thinking, and provide suggestions when asked.
  • We will experience a depth in our understanding of and application of culturally responsive teaching and learning that will, hopefully, transform the mindset and approach we have towards inclusive and responsive classrooms for all learners.