Facilitating Problem Based Activities

Focus Area: OUR 6-8 / IM 6-12 Math


Phase: Planning

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This virtual workshop series offers both consistency and flexibility by providing structure for a collaborative planning experience that teachers can recreate on an ongoing basis to support their day-to-day work with bringing the OUR 6-8 Math/IM 6-12 curriculum to life with their students.

Educators have the opportunity to work as a learning cohort throughout a customized sequence chosen from the following sessions:  


These workshops are for educators currently working with the OUR 6-8 Math curriculum, and are especially useful for those who are in their first year of implementing the curriculum materials. 


  • Each session is 2 hours, and a series can consist of anywhere from 1 – 5 sessions. 


I leverage the curriculum’s problem-based structures to plan meaningful learning experiences for my students.

Learning Experience

Session C: Facilitating for Problem Based Activities

Planning OUR 6-8/IM 6-12 Math activities in a way that provides students with opportunities for discourse, grappling, and using a range of problem-solving strategies requires thinking about how to help understand what to do without necessarily showing them how to do it, and then helping them to draw connections based on what they come up with.  In this 2-hour virtual workshop, participants will choose an upcoming activity to plan in depth. They will work with a collaborative group to: 

  • Define the goals of a activity 
  • Explore the Launch – Work Time – Synthesis structure of the activity 
  • Build a plan for the activity they explored, with a focus on using the Launch – Work Time – Synthesis structure to engage students in problem-based learning