Facilitating Activities with Math Language Routines: Making Sense of Tasks (IM Math K-5 Kiddom)

Focus Area: Kiddom

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Targeted Support

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Problem-based math classrooms are rich in and demanding of various language skills, in addition to developing conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Mathematical language routines create structures that support students’ learning of mathematical concepts, practices, and language simultaneously. In this 2-hour virtual activity planning workshop, participants will explore two routines that amplify rather than simplify language and plan to support students in making sense of an upcoming activity through those routines.


I integrate supports that enable all students to access key math concepts.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with access to Zoom, a camera, a microphone, and stable Internet connectivity

Learning Experience

  • Define making sense of tasks with language
  • Explore Math Language Routines and strategies that create structure and support for students to make sense of tasks
  • Build a plan to use a math language routine or strategy in an upcoming lesson or activity