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Focus Area: Executive Coaching

Instructional Coaches, Leaders

Phase: Launch, Planning

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BetterLesson has led the work of guiding educators in identifying goals and implementing high-quality, research-based instructional strategies through instructional coaching. These coaching supports have helped teachers and school-level leaders improve educational outcomes for students and sustain meaningful change in practice. To better support leaders at various levels in the organization and enhance their capacity to lead at high levels, Executive Coaching will be added to existing coaches services.

Executive Leadership Coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth. The goal of Executive Leadership Coaching might be to:

  • Gathering and giving feedback
  • Identifying development opportunities
  • Building awareness
  • Facilitating solutions by asking powerful questions
  • Setting goals and creating action plans
  • Facilitating learning
  • Supporting and encouraging over the long term
  • Monitoring progress and holding others accountable (Stanford Graduate School of Business, n.d.)

All Executive Coaching participants will begin their experience by completing a gap analysis  aligned to the leadership pathways. Upon completion, they will meet with a BetterLesson coach to determine desired areas of growth based on results from that tool and self-identified data sources. Depending on need and desired outcomes,  participants may select a pre-existing coaching pathway or customize their support across three pathways.

Performance-Focused Leadership Pathway

This coaching focus area emphasizes the knowledge and skills required to enhance and maximize productivity and performance in one’s current leadership role.

Outcome: I can acknowledge the factors that challenge my ability to lead to high levels and enact mitigation strategies to help enhance my performance.

Topics May Include

  • Prioritizing Productivity
  • Effective Time Management Techniques
  • Pursuing Wellness (Work/Life Balance)
  • Avoiding Burnout

Value-Centric Leadership Pathway

This coaching focus area centers around enhancing one’s ability to better align their work to the overarching mission, vision, and goals of the organization in their current leadership role.

Outcome: I can use my personal value system as a lens through which my leadership is influenced and leveraged to produce positive outcomes within my organization.

Topics May Include

  • Values-Driven Decision-Making
  • Creating a Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Expanding Your Sphere of Influence
  • The Art of Effective Communication

Solution-Oriented Leadership Pathway

This coaching focus area guides leaders in identifying the mental barriers and limitations that impede their capacity to lead and exploring solutions that expand paradigms.

Outcome: I can identify the challenges that impact my capacity to effectively lead and employ solution-focused strategies to improve my outcomes.

Topics May Include

  • Strengths-Based Self-Leadership
  • Managing Conflict
  • Navigating Change
  • Cultivating Courage and Resilience


Executive Coaching is designed for educational leaders serving in various capacities and levels of leadership at the district and campus level seeking to improve practice.


  • Participants will engage in a year-long progression of support based on need. Monthly coaching sessions will last 30 minutes.
  • Halfway through the coaching cycle, participants will engage in a mid-point check to gauge progress. At that time participants might elect to continue on the current  pathway/topic or transition their support to a newly identified one based on the mid-point coaching session.
  • The final EOY coaching session will be focused on a cycle of reflection. Participants will also be allowed to share any culminating artifacts with coaches to demonstrate growth and progress if applicable.