Enriching PLCs in Your School

Focus Area: Principalship


Pathway: Understanding

Available July 1, 2022


Research confirms 1.) creating opportunities for collaborative professional learning in their school and including teachers in leading this work, and 2.) observing and providing feedback to classroom teachers are among the strategies that have the greatest impact on accelerating student learning and are also the most labor intensive for principals (McQueen, 2021). Without clear vision, direction, and principal involvement and leadership, educator PLC teams can remain in cycles of analyzing assessment data and discussing student deficiencies rather than focusing on improving practice.  Within this topic, BL Coaches will use the Communities of Practice (COP) principles to lead principals in understanding and evaluating their role in maximizing the PLC structure to improve teacher practice.


This coaching experience is designed for early (1-3 years) and aspiring principals aiming to strengthen their leadership practice. 


  • Virtual Group Coaching
  • 2-hour monthly Community of Practice(COP) group experience followed by 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Up to 15 participants per cohort
  • Principal Cohorts based on district selection
  • Participants will need a camera, microphone, and a Zoom-enabled device


I can strategically and consistently leverage the use of best practices in planning, facilitating, leading, and supporting results-driven PLCs in my school community.

Learning Experience


  • Review research-based definition of PLCs
  • Reflect on current practice to determine ways PLC structure can be “hijacked”
  • Identify 3 Big Ideas as considerations for effective PLCs


  • Examine 3 key roles of administrators in the PLC space
  • Develop a list of  principal-focused “look fors” for each key role


  • Source a list of tips, strategies and techniques for results-driven PLCs to share with participants based on current practice
  • Plan to share and exchange feedback on the Community Discussion Board as a follow-up to the COP to prepare for 1:1 coaching