Empowering Student Choice and Voice with Adobe Express

Focus Area: Adobe

Instructional Coaches, Teachers

Phase: Targeted Support

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Meeting the needs of all learners includes ensuring that each student has the opportunity to make choices in their learning and share their own unique voice within the classroom. Adobe Express offers powerful ways for students to develop unique and creative digital products that pique their interest, provide choice, and honors their personality.


K12 teachers and instructional coaches who have active logins and subscriptions to Adobe Express. It is highly recommended that educators join this workshop from a computer.


I use creative projects in Adobe Express to support my students in sharing their unique voice.

Learning Experience


  • Name the benefits of integrating choice and voice into student learning
  • Identify best practices for grade-appropriate tasks that incorporate student choice and voice


  • Examine Adobe Express student work samples for the same learning goal to identify the different ways students represented their thinking
  • Explore choice-based tasks using Adobe Express for different grade levels


  • Build a lesson incorporating Adobe Express to give students choice and voice
  • Share your plan with a peer and get feedback