Differentiating Success with Tech Tools

Focus Area: Accelerating Growth


Phase: Targeted Support

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Research has shown that traditional remediation isn’t always successful at closing learning gaps. To reimagine remediation, we must differentiate it for the needs of all students through targeted supports. Technology plays a huge role in making this replicable and sustainable and for providing those personalized pathways that can drive student success. 


This session is designed for teachers, coaches, and leaders who want to think about remediation differently through the lens of differentiation and technology integration in an effort to accelerate learning. This workshop is targeted to support educators to launch into the school year with the ability to articulate the shifts in practice needed to address academic gaps and unfinished learning that occurred during COVID.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera, microphone and Internet access


I use differentiation strategies to accelerate student growth.

Learning Experience


  • Debunk the myth of remediation 
  • Define how differentiated supports can provide remediation and acceleration for all students


  • Explore ideas of sustainable systems for differentiated student grouping using real-life examples
  • Examine the use of adaptive technology and other tools in creating remediation opportunities for students


  • A plan for using differentiated supports for remediation and acceleration
  • Share and get feedback on their plan using a feedback protocol