Developing Strategies to Increase Equity

Focus Area: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Phase: Targeted Support

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Change starts with self-reflection, education, and growth. Teachers and leaders play an important role in shaping the learning communities our students experience. In this Virtual Workshop, participants will define bias, anti-bias, and privilege and then explore the reasons why self-reflection is important to recognize the impacts of bias as they work towards challenging their own realities.


This session is meant for educators across the spectrum, from teachers to leaders, that are willing to unpack and challenge their internalized biases. Educators that are seeking a space to do individual work to unlearn their bias and privilege, are ideal candidates for this session.


  • 2-hour virtual workshop
  • Ideal for participants to be from the same school or district


I evaluate my own instruction to eliminate elements of bias.

Learning Experience


In this section, participants will define key concepts like bias, anti-bias, and privilege and then learn about the Anti-Bias Lens we will be utilizing throughout the session.


Next, participants will complete a self-reflection to recognize and name their own biases and explore the impact of their biases as educators.


Participants will develop a plan that will help them “check” their anti-biases, sharing this plan with peers will provide feedback as participants commit to making positive changes as educators and co-conspirators of anti-bias.