Developing Collaborative Culture for Modules K-8

Focus Area: EL Education


Phase: Planning, Targeted Support

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During curriculum implementation, educators need support making sense of the curriculum using planning processes and templates to effectively and efficiently plan for instruction, even when the curriculum is well planned to begin with.  The student-centered EL Education curriculum is filled with resources and materials that, with consistent planning structures educators  will be able to leverage the power of the curriculum to make strong instructional decisions.

This workshop is part of a series. Explore the other workshop sessions below:


This learning series is designed for teachers who have taught at least one module and given the assessments for that module and for school leaders that want to support teachers with planning. Participants should be adept at navigating the instructional EL Curriculum materials before the series. The learning progressions ensure that sessions are tailored to participant needs.


  • Three, two-hour sessions, virtual via Zoom
  • All participants have a laptop with a camera, microphone and headphones
  • All participants have access to the instructional materials either in print or digitally


I plan for Module lessons based on curriculum supports and student needs.

Learning Experience

Session D: Developing Collaborative Culture for Modules K-8

In this session, we build a deeper understanding of how to use collaborative culture supports in planning.  Participants will have an opportunity to see components in action and then plan for upcoming instruction with these in mind.