Developing Asynchronous Pathways for Student Learning

Focus Area: Hybrid and Virtual Learning


Pathway: Understanding

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Teaching in hybrid and virtual learning environments can be challenging when students are learning from home at their own pace. Asynchronous learning relies on students having skills of autonomy and self-awareness. Structuring and organizing asynchronous learning in a way that supports, motivates, and engages learners will help in transferring this ownership over to students. A learning pathway is a student-centered instructional strategy that provides this type of organization and structure to support students of any grade level in engaging with content on their own timing.

This type of learning model provides a great opportunity to personalize learning for students. It can be challenging for teachers to create self-paced learning opportunities for students to do “on their own”, but when designed well this leads to increased student growth and engagement. In this Virtual Workshop, participants will:

  • Define how organization, goal setting and reflection, benchmarks, and support assist students in working at their own pace
  • Explore resources and examples of self-paced learning
  • Build a strategic plan for implementing self-paced pathways in their own context


This workshop is intended to support teachers or coaches who want to engage students in hybrid or virtual learning environments by implementing self-paced, asynchronous learning pathways.


  • 2 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with a camera and microphone


I build asynchronous classroom structures to create personalized learning opportunities.

Learning Experience


  • Discuss what self-paced learning is and build awareness around the benefits and challenges of students working at their own pace
  • Develop an understanding of the 4 elements of self-paced learning pathways through reviewing teacher examples
    • Organized Processes and Resources
    • Goal Setting and Reflection 
    • Benchmarks for Mastery
    • Targeted Support


  • Self-select a pathway for asynchronously exploring resources, examples, and scenarios of the 4 elements of self-paced learning from a choice board
  • Collaborate with colleagues in breakout rooms on how to best implement this type of learning in their own context


  • Begin designing a self-paced pathway to implement with their students using the tools and resources shared through a strategic planning document and then gather feedback from peers