Designing Virtual PD to Meet Teacher Needs

Focus Area: Leading Through Change

CInstructional Coaches, LLeaders

Pathway: Understanding

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So much of what we are asking teachers to take on is uncharted territory for them.  Whether it is To transition to flexible or hybrid learning, teachers need to experience for themselves the kind of personalized, flexible learning environments they’ll create for students. For leaders, this means identifying teacher skill gaps and the variety of supports needed to address them. In coaching or a Virtual Workshop, leaders will:

  • Define various types of PD that produce sustainable, cyclical growth
  • Explore options to address skill gaps using the “PD Poker” simulation
  • Build and get feedback on their teacher PD plan


This product is designed for instructional leaders, including site administrators, coaches, district administrators, and specialists who play key roles in leading flexible learning environments. 


  • 2 hours, virtual via Zoom
  • This session is best as an upcoming change looms, or in response to stagnation on a current instructional plan.


Leaders will leave this space applying learned strategies and tools of communication to a real scenario in their own school or district. 

Learning Experience


  • We will use current realities and truths to define ‘trust’ and ‘accountability’ in a change management moment
  • We will define the emotional and external paths further to see the areas we can influence instruction through communication


  • We use breakout sessions to dive into scenarios that present problems of practice


  • Leaders will use the guiding questions and prompts to build their own communication around an element of their instructional plan to share with stakeholders
  • Participants will get feedback from peers to check for some of the elements that we have discussed great leaders do in communicating change