Designing Targeted, Individualized Tutoring Support

Focus Area: Accelerating Growth

Leaders, Teachers

Phase: Targeted Support

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High dosage tutoring provides an intensive format for intervention that is targeted and personalized for each student. Designing this targeted, individualized support to help students close their academic gaps consists of using data to diagnose student understanding of content, providing clear, variable means of instruction, engaging students in learning tasks that are meaningful and relevant to them, and scaffolding learning in a way that meets the student’s needs.


This workshop is designed for all staff (instructional and non-instructional) as well as community volunteers who are engaged in a high dosage tutoring program. In this workshop, participants will learn best practices of setting up a high dosage tutoring program and how to best support individual students in closing academic gaps.


I use differentiation strategies to accelerate student growth.

Learning Experience

  • Define best practices of individualized support in the context of high dosage tutoring
  • Explore examples and strategies of targeted intervention
  • Build a plan for developing targeted, individualized support and share ideas in a community space