Designing Student-Centered Performance Assessments

Focus Area: Formative Assessment and Differentiation


Phase: Targeted Support

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The primary focus of student-centered assessment is the ability of students to demonstrate their mastery of a topic. The goal of an assessment is not a final grade, but to create a learning experience in which the student is able to clearly communicate and demonstrate what they are learning. By varying the types of assessment offered, students can express themselves in a way that is most comfortable for them.

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This workshop is designed for teachers and coaches who want to build understanding around how to design student-centered assessment to support students in demonstrating mastery. This session would be a good fit for any educator, whether they are just beginning to transition to more formative assessment in their classroom, or they are more experienced and want to build ideas around how to incorporate more student-centered assessment in their classroom.


I design or adapt student-centered formative assessments.

Learning Experience

Session B: Designing Student-Centered Performance Assessments


  • Identify the key characteristics of student-centered assessment
  • Evaluate a lesson and assessment types to determine how they are student-centered


  • Critically think about how tech tools that can create a sustainable and replicable system of student-centered assessment
  • Collaboratively brainstorm a student-centered assessment with provided “ingredients”


  • Plan for a student-centered assessment they can use in their classroom
  • Get peer feedback on their plan