Designing Plans for Using Math Language Routines

Focus Area: OUR 6-8 / IM 6-12 Math


Phase: Planning

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The OUR 6-8/IM 6-12 Math Curriculum is creative, engaging, and language-rich. A key characteristic of the curriculum is that students share their thinking with each other and learn through this discourse. Inspired by the work of researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the curriculum authors embedded specific Math Language Routines that help students develop their communication skills and make sense of new math concepts at the same time. These routines were designed with the needs of students who are English Language Learners in mind, and are useful for all math students. 


This workshop is designed for educators who have already had a structured opportunity to explore the basics of the OUR 6-8/IM 6-12 Math curriculum design and have begun teaching with the curriculum materials. Teachers must be familiar with the day-to-day experience of the curriculum in order to benefit from “going deeper” into this kind of exploration. Those who are currently implementing the curriculum materials will get the most out of this experience. 


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access
  • This is a workshop that can provide value to educators at various stages of implementation and at any point during the school year


I integrate supports that enable all students to access key math concepts.

Learning Experience


  • Define the concept of a Math Language Routine (MLR) and its potential to support students to access, engage with, and develop both their language and math understanding through in-the-moment, authentic feedback
  • Define the purpose, potential, and procedure for each of the 8 Math Language Routines


  • Explore specific Math Language Routines from both a teacher and student perspective and consider how an MLR impacts a student’s learning experience in the context of specific activities from the OUR 6-8/IM 6-12 Math curriculum
  • Explore 2 approaches to the process of planning for the use of an MLR with students


  • Build a plan for using the MLR of their choice with their students and get peer feedback on their plan using a sharing protocol
  • Work in groups to plan proactively for challenges that may arise when engaging students in each MLR