Designing Plans for Using Math Language Routines with Kiddom (IM Math 6-12)

Focus Area: Kiddom


Phase: Planning

Available July 2024


A key characteristic of problem-based math instruction is that students share their thinking and learn through this discourse. Inspired by the work of researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the curriculum authors embedded specific Math Language Routines that help all students develop their communication skills and make sense of new math concepts at the same time. This workshop provides teachers with the opportunity to explore the process and the purpose of specific routines and to plan for using one or more of these routines with their students.


I integrate supports that enable all students to access key math concepts.


  • 6 hours
  • Participants will need a computer with Internet access

Learning Experience

  • Define the Math Language Routines and how they are designed to scaffold and structure productive student discourse around curriculum tasks
  • Explore the structure of specific routines, from both a teacher and student perspective
  • Build a plan for using the routine of their choice on a regular basis with their students